The making of A Nation (2)

Every nation has the potential to become great. It does not matter whether she has mineral resources or not. What is most important is her human resources. Because there are people, there is hope – Femi Adediran, 2020

The hope of every nation is her people. Teach the people right, treat the people right and everything will turn right – Femi Adediran, 2020

What makes a great nation is not doing great things, it is doing little things right – little things like queuing up everywhere without favour or prejudice – Femi Adediran, 2020

There is no limit to what a nation can do when she first and foremost invest in her people before any other one thing – Femi Adediran, 2020

The land in any nation will only become fruitful when the people become fruitful. The land will become productive when the people become productive – Femi Adediran, 2020

Mineral resources is nothing. Human resources is everything – Femi Adediran, 2020

A nation with human resources and with little or no mineral resources has more hope than a nation with great mineral resources with no human resources – Femi Adediran, 2020

Do not pray that God will bless a nation, rather pray that God will bless her people. A people blessed is a nation blessed – Femi Adediran, 2020

The easiest way to lead a nation is by empathy. Wear the shoe of the “common man” – Femi Adediran, 2020

There are seven things that defines a great nation: 1. Sacrifice 2. Love/Selflessness 3. Rule of law 4. Accountability 5. Right Orientation 6. Equality 7. Investment in Human resources -Femi Adediran, 2020

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