Gbogbo Ero ( Everybody) – My friends and I

It is good to have “plenty friends” but to become truly great, your circle of friends must be small.

Many of the people we call friends are better kept as acquaintances.

Friends are key factors in our destiny journey.

The higher you go, the smaller your circle becomes, even Jesus circle of friends became smaller as he approached the cross, the place of his ascension to glory. It was about time for him to ascend the throne, he had to shed weights even without sentiments

Some of us needs to shed weights of unnecessary friendship if we must ascend the throne. Some relationships are toxic to your destiny, a bunch of distractions. cut them off!

When a man’s destination becomes clear, he becomes choosy about his companions not because he is proud but because of the sensitivity of his destiny….Evil communication corrupts good manner so says the Holy writ.

We must be deliberate about who and who have access to our life, even our phone number because of what we carry. What we carry will not allow us to allow gbogbo ero (everybody) into our lives. Jesus had to hide himself on several occasions even when the whole world was looking for him! He had a calling and a mission to the whole world no doubt but he also had the continuous responsibility to personally prepare himself in isolation for outstanding performance! Dear Lord!!!

Scarcity is what drives value!

I am not a commodity for all men even though i am sent to all men! I don’t need too many friends, i only need a few destiny comrades that are going my way. Its the bitter truth we must all swallow! Its a tough course but it is what it is. You have to make a choice between your loads of friends and your destiny and I hope you will be wise enough to make the right choice

Jesus did not commit himself to all men because he knew what was in men! Think about it!

God will give us wisdom????