How To Get Your Life Back

 It is easy to get lost in transit especially when we have lost our sense of direction and we dont loose our sense of direction until we have lost the heat of our passion* 

 *You are screwed up…So what?* 

 *You messed up…So what?* 

 *You lost your job…So what?* 

 *You lost money…So what?* 

 *You failed…So what?* 

 *You committed blunders..So what?* 

 *You make mistakes…So what?* 

 *You took a wrong turn…So what?* 

 *You fell sick…So what?* 

 *You lost relationships…So what?* 

 *Your marriage broke up…So What?* 

 *You got denied severally…So What?* 

 *Your made a wrong decision…So what?* 

 *You got no one to help you…So What?* 

 *Dont be ashamed neither be afraid to show up again even more confidently because we all are work in progress, grappling with one ugly story or the other. Everyone has at least one ugly story; You are not alone! Get up and fight for your life!* 

 As soothing as comfort zone maybe, it becomes limiting when we settle in there. Real comfort is in identifying your next comfort zone and you fight your way through to get in there.* 

Dont become uncomfortably comfortable in hell, Heaven is still the place to be. Find your way there

 *Get Your Gig back* 

 *Get Your Voice back* 

 *Get Your Confidence back* 

 *Get Your Place Back* 

 *Get Your Laughter back* 

 *Get Your Life back!* 

 *Those who failed are not those who lost in battle but grand failures are those who never attempted to show up at the war front.* 

Dont settle for regret. Start where you are, start with what you have

 *Your hesitation is a limitation* 

More often than not, we get so busy making a living that life eludes us altogether

 *When you feel overwhelmed by situations of life, take a deep breath and say; “im going to have fun swimming my way through this”* 

Worry won’t give you back your life

Bitterness wont give you back your life

Pointing accusing fingers won’t give you back your life

Seclusion won’t give you back your life

Crying wont give you your life back

A courageous decision to stand up and fight for your own life will give you your life back. If you dont want to lose your life, then you must fight for it, courageously!