You Are Fired!

I don’t know who or where you  have been fired either by words or by some dreadful writings. Listen to this: Until You fire yourself, you are not fired!

No man can fire You but yourself! The only person who can fire you is You

You  seem to have been fired by your spouse, boss, friends, children, sickness, economy situations, Government policies and by whoever or whatever, It is not the end of the world. As a matter of fact, it is the beginning of a new world for You. You just got challenged to fan your little fire to flame

Rekindle the fire within you. Find your gig again. Find your motivation. Look within and around you for inspiration.

Take a brief walk in the dark. There’s something you are exceptionally good at – cling unto it and use that as your inspiration. Just tell yourself. I am the best at “this”.

It’s just a matter of time; the whole world will soon come to the light of your fire and when you’re fired…Get fired up!

Femi Adediran…olufire nooni

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