8. The Tactics Of The Game: 

Tactics in the game of football is a simple reflection of the importance of planning.

Don’t let life just happen to you, plan to make it happen. Sometimes things may not work as planned but at least you are not blank on the field of play. If you must play at all, then plan to win. If it worths playing, then, it worths winning

9. Talent and Attitude of the Game:

To be talented is one thing, to have a matching attitude is another.

A lot of talented players with great skills have been disqualified from the field of play for bad attitude.

Attitude is like a car that can drive your talents to greater heights. Without good attitude, you are grounded even before you start. Mjnd your attitude

10. The coach and the Game of Football:

Having a coach is very critical in the game of football. With a Coach, you are able to find your personal passion, gain more confidence, improve your skills, identify your strengths and weaknesses and be able to tackle obstacles on your path more easily . Everyone needs a life coach, perhaps a mentor. Its way cheaper!

11. No shortcuts in the game: 

Foul play, offside, throwing, rough tackle and many more are all done on the field of play in an attempt “to get there faster”.

The truth is shortcuts always ends up cutting us short. Do it right and your journey will be faster even though it might appear slow

12. The End Of The Game

There is an end to every game of football.

The earlier you realize there is an end, the better, the more fairly and the more soberly will you engage your leg on the field of play