The Real Reasons Trump Lost the Election



Failure can be a guaranteed result, so also is a success. The difference between failure and success is a very thin line. This book will show you when and when NOT to cross the line. You have not read anything like it!

The Rich also cry,” they say and who says the “Poor does not also smile”? The truth is, none of us is Rich, none of us is Poor. Every riches come with its own poverty and every poverty comes with its own riches. The earlier we all realize this, the happier we will be – Femi Adediran



Show up for your own battle, that is 50% victory! – Femi Adediran, January 2022.

Instincts are gut feelings. To survive, you must be daring enough to follow your gut feelings. It may be the most unreasonable thing to do but many times, it is the way to go. We survive mostly by instinct – Femi Adediran

If your heart is warm, it does not matter who or what is cold around you. Keep your heart warm at all costs, it is one cheap way to live expensively. Be diligent to keep your heart away from the cold so you can keep your life from infections.