My Mum & I

On  31st December, 2020, I was in a business meeting on a round table. Attendance at the meeting comes with certain benefits. As a matter of principle and regular practice, 2 people are usually asked to leave at the commencement of the meeting for some certain reasons

To know the 2 people to leave, papers are wrapped and are placed on the boardroom table.  All the papers are blank inside except 2 where the word THANKS FOR COMING, YOU  GO HOME NOW is written. Whoever picks any of the 2 leaves.

Now, there was this woman who came with her 19 year old daughter. We started picking the paper in turn. This woman who came with her daughter picked and then her daughter picked on her turn and we all picked.

Surprisingly, both mum and daughter picked THANKS FOR COMING…YOU  GO HOME NOW. I observed that the mum picked first, thereafter the young lady picked and it was most shocking to see both mum and daughter picked same thing

They had to leave and they left. There and then, it dawn on me that, You are your mum’s extension and you are most likely to reproduce in life everything and anything that your mum represent. She  be poor and an illiterate. If you are lucky to make it through school, you are most likely to become another ” Poor literate”. If your mum is a divorcee, you  end up becoming one too. Your mum does not have to be a witch to “bewitch” you. She picked before you, chances that you will not pick what she picked is extremely low. It’s a natural law of life.

You will most likely repeat your mums error or your mum success. I have a prayer point for you.

O Lord, continue to bless my mum…Every ill works and stigma that had been transferred to me by my mum unknowingly, O Lord, I  break free from them today that I might live my own life to the fullest with its attending benefit and  my children not reproduce my errors. Amen

Femi Adediran…olufire nooni

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