Femi Adediran

Femi Adediran is a highly educated and accomplished individual with a diverse career. He holds impressive qualifications in engineering, management, and leadership, including an MBA from the University of Calabar and an alumni status from Harvard Kennedy School. He's also a certified financial analyst and cyber security expert.

Be Thankful, Be Grateful

No man has ever been Thankful who has never been “Tank-full”. Thankfulness unlocks divine flow of Heavenly blessings into your life until u become “Tank-full”. Be thankful even for dirty dishes…Nothing moves God like thanksgiving at all times – Femi Adediran The Ungrateful has never been classified among the Great. The more Grateful you are…The…

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Show Up Regardless

Life will give you one thousand and one reasons to stay behind locked door…to stay off and to stay away… All you need is just one reason…ONE REASON…to break lose…and show up…find that ONE REASON and show up – Femi Adediran, 2019 You are the only one who can write your challenges on your own…

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