Femi Adediran

Femi Adediran is a highly educated and accomplished individual with a diverse career. He holds impressive qualifications in engineering, management, and leadership, including an MBA from the University of Calabar and an alumni status from Harvard Kennedy School. He's also a certified financial analyst and cyber security expert.

Encourage The Fathers

When fathers are encouraged, it only result in one thing – Miracles! -Femi Adediran,  2020 Every father you meet is struggling with something…Fathers are fighters, encourage them to win – Femi Adediran, 2020 The frustration of the fathers is not the battle they face per se. The frustration of most fathers is that no one…

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Good Customer Service (1)

Our customers are not king, it is good customer service that makes them one -Femi Adediran, 2020 Good Customer Service is about winning your customers heart over and over again – Femi Adediran, 2020 We don’t win the heart of our customer by bogus advert but by good customer service -Femi Adediran, 2020 Customer service…

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My Mum & I

On  31st December, 2020, I was in a business meeting on a round table. Attendance at the meeting comes with certain benefits. As a matter of principle and regular practice, 2 people are usually asked to leave at the commencement of the meeting for some certain reasons To know the 2 people to leave, papers…

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