*1. The Complain Habit *

The lesser you complain the better your grip on the situation. Complains weakens your resolve to make a definite decision on the solution. The most unfortunate part is that we complain about every other thing and every other person but not about our own self; This is called the blame game

2. The Lazy Habit

No one who is lazy has ever lived a desirable life.
One of the best ingredients for failure is to be lazy. There is no difference between laziness and cutting corners, they are siamese twins. Laziness is trying to rest even before you start the job. Reserve the sleep. Work while you are here, there would be enough sleeping in the Grave!

3. The Worry Habit

The truth about worry is that all the actions are in your imagination. Worry takes away the energy to be focused on the present and makes you to be more concerned about tomorrow. We can not change our situation or the future by worry. If only we can pray and be more focussed on what is within our control.

4. The Pity Habit

We all love to be pitied. It is only natural. Being pitied might make you feel good but it sure puts you in the class of the crippled and the beggars. Its either you are pitying yourself or others are pitying you, whichever it is, pity party makes you a weakling, takes away your pride and destroy your prospects of great achievement

5. The People Pleaser Habit

The more you want to please others, the less of yourself you become. The mission to please others takes you away from you. The best of life is lived when you let people deal with who you are and it will surprise you how people would make room for you. No people pleaser has ever amount to so much because the mold into which others put you cannot be bigger than their own hole!

6. Pessimistic Habit

Impossibility is the number one word in the dictionary of pessimists. There are people who knows one thousand and one reasons why things wont work and cannot identify one good reason why things would work! Pessimism underestimates your opportunities and overrates your woes. Pessimism makes you so over cautious that you lose your enthusiasm

7. Excuse Habit

The easiest thing to make in the world is excuse. More often than not, the obstacles between our vision and the realization of it is excuse. Until we stop making excuses we wont start making babies(producing). Find a way and not an excuse. No excuse is good enough to stop your vision. Nobody is interested in your excuse but your result. Resolve to live an excuse free life.

8. Procrastination Habit

The only day that is appealing to a lazy man is tommorrow. Laziness and procrastination are two identical twins. The best time to start was yesterday. The next best time to start is now. The longer you wait to start, the more difficult it is to start. The last minute should not be your saving Grace, you can enjoy Grace all the way if you will start here and now

9. Quitting Habit

You will never be respected when you quit too many things. Process at times can be exhausting and we all face the temptation to quit everyday, the way out is to be more focused on the result rather than the process. Quitting can become an habit so much that you want to quit on your own life. One of the test of our character is in our ability to stay in the battle even when it is hottest. To quit is to shut the door on yourself, Don’t Do it!

10. Backstabbing Habit

One of the kindest thing you can do to anybody is to speak good of them even while they are not there. Those who backstab are always at the back. Enemies don’t backstab because we already know what they can do but it takes a friend to drive a sword through your soul even while you are nowhere to defend yourself, don’t be that friend who goes above piercing people’s soul even in their absence

*11. Too much TV habit *

When you watch TV all the time, the likelihood that you will ever appear on TV is tending towards zero. Rather than watch more TV, read more books and meditate more

12 No Laughter Habit

If you want to live longer, you’ll have to laugh more and be more humorous. Those who don’t laugh are always acting weird. Life is too humorous not to laugh at the jokes. Life is worth living and more interesting as long as we can find our laugh gig. Its either you laugh or you go on pills, the choice is yours